What is Sacred Harp?

Sacred Harp is 200 year old (folk) music from America. Sacred Harp music is sung without any instruments and is divided into four parts: treble, alto, tenor (or lead), and bass. We sing from the book 'The Sacred Harp' (Denson 1991 edition). The music is written in shape notes. This four-note system was traditionally used to teach sight reading to people without musical training and it makes it easy for (beginning) singers to join in. It is passionate, spirited music. We don't perform, we sing as an end in itself. Anyone is welcome to borrow a tune book and sing along. The lyrics are religious (Christian), but the singings have a social character rather than a religious one. It's loud and anyone can join in.


Sacred Harp Singing in America

Sacred Harp Amsterdam

We are a small group of enthusiastic singers in Amsterdam. We all sing from the book 'The Sacred Harp' (Denson 1991 edition), for your first time we'll provide loaners. We sing every second Friday of the month.


When: We sing every second and fourth Friday of the month.
What time: Door open from 7:45 PM. Singing start at 8:00 PM.
Location: The singing on the 2nd Friday is on changing locations. The singing on the 4th Friday takes place in the St. Josephkapel, Robert Scottstraat 7 in Amsterdam.
Toegang: 2nd Friday: free. 4th Friday: voluntary contribution for renting the space.
And: If this is your first singing we offer you a loaner to sing from. When you sing Sacred Harp on a regular basis you can buy a book from us, the price is €35. After the singing we'll have time to be social with drinks and snacks (please take something with you).

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